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The Top 5 Books viewed in the Brick Cave Store last week.  

Read on as we reveiw the top five viewed products (This week, all books) in the Brick Cave Store. The countdown, from the fifth most viewed book ti the first, showcases the serious talent that Brick Cave has fielded.

5. Moon Shadows by Colette Black
Black MShadows 075Not a surprise that one of our 2017 new titles is front and center on the list. A great read from first time Brick Cave author Colette Black. [Read More  |  Buy Book]


Giunta OOTD 0754. Out of the Dark by J.A. Giunta
It is the thrilling conclusion to the Ascension Trilogy, and certainly everyone is checking it out. [Read More  |  Buy Book]

Robertson TNO 0753. The Naming Of by Louise Robertson
This week’s love Poetry entry on the list is this great lead off collection by Louise Robertson. [Read More  |  Buy Book]

Skinner CnC 0752. Collars and Curses by Sharon Skinner
Another 2017 newcomer from Sharon Skinner. [Read More  |  Buy Book]

BC Anthology 4001. Futurewords, A Brick Cave Anthology
And finishing in the top spot this week is Futurewords, the new Anthology from a collection of Brick Cave Authors. A great Spec Fic read. [Buy Book]