Brick Cave Media is a leading next generation media production and distribution company based in Mesa, AZ.

Our Mission

The mission of BCM is to effectively support the creative endeavors of talented individuals that they may realize a benefit beyond the creative process. Our aim is to leverage technology, and the changes in media availability of the last 10 years to make a market for the endeavors of our artists.

Our Vision

Our vision is to manifest an environment of creative freedom and mass availability for artists that on their own may not have the resources to achieve that access.

What We Believe

  • We believe in not taking anything for granted
  • We believe that hustle is critical to our success
  • We believe in creatively solving challenges and that we have the ability to circumvent any obstacle
  • We believe in the philosophy of being proactive
  • We believe it’s ok to take a risk and fail
  • We succeed or we fail together as a team

Our History

2006- Founded based on the project of The Hit List, a 3 CD compilation of performance poetry by Bill Campana.

2008- Founder Bob Nelson partners with Michael Robinson and Kent Markwart and begins work on what would become the Sacrifice movie. Brick cave Media also obtains the rights to re-release several other recoded audio projects in this time, including Sharon Skinner and others.

2009- Brick Cave Media obtains the rights to release The Guardians, Keepers of the Magic stories as digital E-books from Author J.A. Giunta.

2010- The Sacrifice Movie is released. Brick Cave Media participates in their first trade show, Phoenix Comicon.

2011- BCM Begins work on next Film project, Yellowstone Sunset. Brick Cave reaches agreement with author Sharon Skinner to release her book of poetry, In Case You Didn’t Hear Me the First Time. BCM Records Russ Kazmeirczak’s No More Zombies (Ironically Live at the Mesa Poetry Slam) performance. BCM announces the re-releases the first 2 books in The Ascension Trilogy from J.A. Giunta, releases The Last Incatnation. BCM begins producing Paperback editions of books to sell at trade shows and appearences.

2012- BCM releases The Healer’s Legacy, from Sharon Skinner., The Mists of Faeron from J.A. Giunta.

2013- BCM, working with T.R.I.B.E. studios, releases a comic version of The Stories of Haven. BCM releases We Over Here Now, by reknown poet Scott Woods.

2014- BCM launches a series of Podcasts, including The Brick Cave Bookcast, the Beatdown Report and others. BCM begins production of their next film project, Sum of It’s Parts, written by J.A. Giunta.

2015- BCM hosts 1st annual Meet and Greet with Authors, in DT Mesa.



Brick cave FAQ

Where are you located?

We are located in Mesa, AZ, which we just found out is now the 36th largest city in the country, “up two spots”, as Casey Kasem would say.

Are you a Vanity Press?

We are not a Vanity Press. Authors do not pay to be published by Brick Cave.

My bookstore would like to carry your titles. How do we order?

We provide information on that here.

Can I send you my manuscript?

Slow your roll there, Future Best Seller. We have a submission period, outlined in the submission guidelines you can reach in the menu above.

Can I bring you my manuscript at an event?

Please don’t. Our staff are specifically advised NOT to accept samples or manuscripts at events we are vending at.

Who prints your titles?

We utilize different printing organizations depending on the intended use of the books. At times that we look to change partners, we issue an RFP with details of the requirements and allow potential new partners to bid.

How many titles do you publish each year?

Our goal is 4-6 high quality titles a year right now based on the staff size we have. As we grow, we expect that to grow correspondingly.

Who does your cover art?

We contract among several artists we have established relations with. if you would like to be considered for future work, please feel free to message

Who is your best selling author?

*side eye* we love all of our authors equally.

Who does your audio books?

We have utilized ACX in the past and are working to transition to a local based model with a recording partner. We are working to post “Talent Calls” for each of our titles and then signing contracts for recording based on author/staff feedback. If you are voice talent and interested in receiving those calls directly, make sure that you are subscribed to the Brick Cave email list.

Do you record records?

We have in the past (it is actually how Brick Cave started) and several of the albums are available online. However, we are so small staffed that we decided to focuse the energy we have on publishing books. As we grow, we expect we will reengage that business again.

Can I work there?

We post job opportunities and intern opportunities on the site under “About Us”.

How do you pick the events you vend/appear at?

Simnply put, we look for events that we will be able to accomplish one of two objectives, generate positive revenue or educate a literary audience about our books.You can invite Brick Cave Organizationally to vend, or individually as staff as guests, by messaging

I would like “so and so” author to come and do my event. Can you ask them?

We encourage all of our authors to get out and promote themselves, and their books. Unless Brick Cave is vending or otherwise appearing as an organization, we leave those decisions to the individual author. Each author can be reached through the links on their corresponding Author Profile Page here on the site. If you are unable to reach them, you can message us at to pass the message along. We make no guarantees that the author will accept, or even answer, your request.

I want to make a film from author “so and so’s” book. Do you own the rights?

In most cases we do not. In some cases, we do have “right of first refusal” on media outside of publishing the work. In all cases, we encourage you to reach out and discuss your proposal with the author in question, we are happy to act in the best interests of the author when it comes to rights.

Are you a film company, too?

We have made films, one feature and two shorts. However, we quickly realized that it’s best to start with one thing and do it well, until you have the resources you need to do additional things right. So, while we expect that we will reengage that business in the future, and have scripts ready to do, we wanted to focus on books at this time.

Are you a public company?

No, we are a privately held LLC.

I am interested in investing in your company. whom do I talk to?

Start with an email to and include enough information to help us conclude you are not a prince in Nigeria. We’ll chat from there. If you are a Prince in Nigeria and serious, please accept our apologies and we will follow up.

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