For some time we have wanted to expand our reach and include more people in what we do. We know there are a lot of fans of Brick Cave that have offered to help us as a small publisher. One of the biggest areas that we have needed help is at events. Often, with only one or two of us available to set up at a particular event, it stretches us pretty thin to them have to work the weekend at full tilt- then break everything down and load it up to bring home.

So, we thought about how we could ask for help and make that worth the time for those that would like to help us. Thus, the Brick Cave “Cave Crew” concept was born.

The Cave Crew are teams of Brick Cavers that support Brick Cave’s Event Operations.

A Cave Crew is a 2 or 3 person team whose role is:

  • Assist Staff in load in and booth set up.
  • Work in small shifts in the booth greeting attendees and helping them buy the best book for their reading needs.
  • Assist in tear down and packing of Booth following the event.


There are a number of advantages to being a Cave Crew member:

  • Depending on the event, Cave crew will receive full access passes for the event, and are free to enjoy the event when they are not assisting.
  • Cave Crew will never be hungry while they are at an event (because we will feed them)
  • Cave Crew will receive discounts on Brick Cave merchandise, and get first access to new products.
  • Cave Crew have Custom T’s to show the world they are a part of something special.


Every qualifying event that you are a crew member on, you’ll ean a Dragon. Those team members that earn the most Dragons will be recognized at the annual Brick Cave Meet and Greet, where you can accept the thanks of the authors and creators whose work you support in your efforts.


We’re looking for leaders. Organize a crew and brand your team. As consistent teams prove their worth, we’ll give them custom gear to show their pride.

If you would like to join a Cave Crew for a particular event or events, Cave Crews are being formed right now for our 2019 events.

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