Launched in May 2019 as part of the updated Brick Cave Media Patreon, The Brick Cave Fictioneers is a 500 word monthly micro fiction challenge issued to Patrons at the “Purple Dragon Tier”.

Each month, the members of the tier are invited to submit a 500 word micro fiction prose piece in the Science Fiction/Fantasy genres. Some months may be themed, and some months may be “Open”. Brick Cave staff then read and select one submission and with a picture of the author and a link to the author’s website, the piece is published and promoted:

  • In the Brick Cave Patreon Blog (as a public post, so readable by all, with the author’s pic and a link to the author’s website)
  • In the Brick Cave Media Email Newsletter (author pic/ author website link and brief synopsis with link to Patreon post)
  • On the Brick Cave Facebook Page (author pic/author website link and brief synopsis with link to Patreon post)
  • On the Brick Cave Twitter each week until the next winner is chosen (brief synopsis with link to Patreon post)

How do Authors Submit?

Interested Authors that have joined the Brick Cave Patreon at the Purple Dragon level will have a specific “Due Date” each month that the submission will be due by. Brick Cave staff will send reminders to the group as well as information on themed challenges. A particular month may have a theme, or not, depending. There will be a special email to submit the fiction to.

Limited Group

The Purple Dragon Tier of the Brick Cave Patreon is limited to 50 participants. That means in any one month, there is a limit of 50 entries that can be submitted.

Publishing Rights

Brick Cave Media asks for the rights to publish the work on the Brick Cave Patreon as a digital post (and use snippets for promotion of the post itself, Brick Cave Media, the Brick Cave Fictioneers or Brick Cave Patreon).  Brick Cave also asks for the right to publish a collection of the story winners at some point in the future in print, digital and/or audio formats.

The submissions are not exclusive, the author is free to submit the work to additional publishers or publish the work themselves. Authors retain all copyright on their work.

Prize Money
Each month’s winner will receive a cash award, delivered by Paypal to the author’s address on file, of $.50 for each Patron at the Purple Dragon Level (up to a maximum of $25). The number of Purple Dragon Patrons is based on the number in good standing on the day of the winning announcement.