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Black Friday 2018

Platinum Magic Nominated for Award

Announced on Friday, September 28, 2018, Platinum Magic by Bruce Davis, is a finalist in the NM & AZ Book Awards hosted by New Mexico Book Co-op. Nominated in the category of Fiction - science fiction & fantasy, Platinum Magic, as Bruce descibes it, "represents the start of an exciting new series set in a surprising modern world, like our own, only different." The banquet annoucing the winners will be Friday, November 16, 2018 at the Tanoan Country Club, located at 10801 Academy Road NE, Albuquerque.

"Congratulations to Bruce, and hopefully this is the first of many awards coming Platinum Magic's way," shared Brick Cave Publisher Bob Nelson. "The book has certainly found an audience as one of the top Brick Cave releases if 2018."

About Platinum Magic [Buy at:  |  Amazon  |  Barnes & Noble Indiebound]
When King’s Agents Simon Buckley and Haldron Stonebender raid a suburban farmhouse, they expect to find an illegal bomb factory full of Orc terrorists. Instead, they end up killing the sister of the current Elf ruler, turning a straightforward police raid into an international incident.
Now, Simon and his team must battle terrorists, gangsters, and their own superiors to find the truth behind the High-Elf’s involvement and avert a war.

About New Mexico Co-op [Web]
New Mexico and Arizona's largest non-profit cooperative organization featuring New Mexico and Arizona books, publishers, and authors. We are a partnership of over 1,500 publishers and authors who are interested in showcasing and selling books about New Mexico, Arizona, and the Southwest.

About Brick Cave Media
Brick Cave Media is one of the largest publishers based in Arizona, offering books internationally. Brick Cave Media published authors include Sharon Skinner, author of The Healer’s Legacy, Scott Woods, author of Urban Contemporary History Month and J.A. Giunta, author of The Ascension Trilogy. Brick Cave Media publishes across Science Fiction, Fantasy and Poetry genres. Brick Cave Media is headquartered in Mesa, AZ and can be contacted through their website at

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