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2017 Brick Cave Summer Reading List

Summer is upon us, and we here at Brick Cave Media are excited to have gotten three new titles out just in time for your summer reading. Make sure you order your copies of these great new books today! Links go to the profile pages, where you can order the books from any of the stores, in any of the formats listed

Join us by using the hash tag #summerreading in your social medis and the hash tags for the titles below.

Collars and Curses by Sharon SkinnerCollars and Curses, by Sharon Skinner

#collarsancurses #marissa

Think being a High School sophomore is hard? Try doing it when your messed up genetic code turns you into a wolf every full moon. Not only does Merissa have to deal with high school divas, bullies and pop quizzes, she also has to hide the awkward truth that once a month she really does get bitchy. And just when she thinks she's found someone she to whom she can actually relate, her new classmate Bree turns out to be an arrogant witch.  


If they weren’t the only non-Norms in the entire town of Fair Glen—aside from the annoying half-Elf, Jeryd, who shows up and complicates things—Merissa might not give Bree the time of day. But when Bree is drawn into a curse that causes chaos at school and threatens the town, Merissa must find a way to vanquish the dark power behind the curse and keep her parents from finding out about it. All without failing biology.


Moon Shadows, by Colette BlackMoon Shadows, by Colette Black

#moonshadows #quintsilver

Getting busted for coming home late becomes the least of Quint Silver’s problems when he finds himself outside, beneath a full moon, in the middle of a blackout. Ethereal, humanoid creatures rise from every shadow he crosses, intent on smothering him. With Chelsea Price, the childhood friend he secretly loves, they discover the truth behind his mother's death and begin to uncover the mysteries surrounding his unpredictable gift. If his paranoid father discovers them Quint will be grounded for the rest of his teenage life. Adding to his problems, Quint has caught the interest of a magical society hidden within their community. Two clans of warring supernatural beings are vying for dominance, recruiting every soldier they can find. And they want him.



Futurewords: A Brick Cave AnthologyFuturewords: A Brick Cave Anthology


Futurewords A Brick Cave Anthology is a compilation of stories from five authors from Brick Cave Books. Sharon Skinner, J.A. Giunta, Scott Woods, Colette Black and Bob Nelson each add a story to this strong collection of science fiction.

If you have yet to introduce yourself to Brick Cave, or are curious about what's next from our talented group of creators, you definitely want to pre-order Futurewords A Brick Cave Anthology.


This month (July 2017)- Brick Cave Media is offering you a chance to get a FREE copy of our new Science Fiction anthology Futurewords: A Brick Cave Anthology. Shop in the store, and when you order $25 or more in books, posters, shirts, etc. Just enter the code "freebook17" and we'll discount the Futurewords to $0. This is a GREAT opportunity to read some of Brick Cave's best authors- check it out! #freebook #savecash #greatstories Valid ONLY until July 31st.

Included Authors

Five of Brick Cave's authors have come together to create this unique collection including:

Sharon Skinner
A young woman on a distant planet embarks upon a perilous journey, seeking a mythical place rumored to hold the answers to the questions that have haunted her since childhood, and finds a surprising personal truth.

J.A. Giunta
Time is… well… relative.

Scott Woods
Second Coming Soon
It’s the second coming and it could be the greatest comeback tour ever.

Colette Black
Swan’s Petition
Sir Richard Swan’s petition recounts the origin of his kind through the history of his forebear; a boy in love with a girl he can never have, hunted by a man he never knew, and desperate for his hereditary power as yet denied.Swan’s Petition

Bob Nelson
After a hard fought battle, the crew of the Jolly Jo look for refuge at a neutral Outpost. What they find could change the whole Human-Proximan equation.Outpost

Healers Wisthrop
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Platinum Demonrn
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Glowgems Robk
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