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Black Friday 2018

2018 Brick Cave Event Schedule

With an eventful year drawing to a close, we here at Brick Cave are looking ahead to 2018. Our 2017 event schedule has one show remaining, the upcoming Mesa Book Festival, an event which is organized by a lot of current and alumni Brick Cavers. Our annual expenditures for events runs in the tens of thousands of dollars, and as we came into 2017, we decided we wanted to be more effective with our appearances. Our 2018 Schedule continues to reflect that change.

This schedule does not reflect individual appearances by our Authors, which will be reflected in the Facebook Brick Cave Books and Authors Fan Group.

This schedule also does not reflect events that Brick Cave Staff is invited to as guests. Those will be listed in the Facebook page for Brick Cave Media, our Monthly Email Newsletters or here on this site in separate Blog Posts.

It is our intent to invest more heavily in these events, and encourage our followers to plan on seeing us at them.

2018 Event Schedule

Tucson Festival of Books (Scheduled)

LA Times Festival of Books (Scheduled)

Phoenix Comicon (Scheduled)

San Diego Festival of Books (Waiting on Registration to Open)

San Francisco Comic Con (Waiting on Registration to Open)

Mesa Book Festival (Scheduled)

The schedule reflects some significant changes from prior years. The schedule is also subject to change depending on opportunities and other factors. We are excited to plan for a big presence at each of these events and get the new books we have planned for 2018 into your hands.


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