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Black Friday 2018

Spring 2018 New Titles: Brick Cave Media

We have some surprises for you this Spring, and we hope that you'll enjoy them. It's been a busy time as we line up the titles for the year, and the second quarter will see more new BC Books than ever before. Below we are listing the books on the books to come out, we have a couple other projects that we are hoping to get out as well, but there's no point in teasing you about that :).

In Poetry

Campana F G 150

flotsam and gommorrah (parlor tricks and other mysteries)

Bill Campana
Any second now (Pre-Orders Open Now)
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Always the wizard with words, Bill Campana releases his 4th book of poetry filled with observations of the folly of man, Haiku sharp enough for a sewing machine and the first ever released collection of Deviant Words, which you'll just have to read to believe. Bill's 3rd book with Brick Cave, 4th book overall.

As soon as we get this book out and in your hands, we'll be announcing some additional news that will catch your attention, let's just say we want you to have the opportunity to see Bill Campana live this summer.


In Sci-Fi

We are sprouting a TON of Sc-Fi this spring, including...

Davis GlowGems 150

Davis Thieves 150GlowGems for Profit & Thieves Profit
Bruce Davis
Week of May 21st

We'll be re-launching Bruce's Profit Logs sci-fi series with the first two titles, GlowGems for Profit and Thieves Profit. Both will be available at the upcoming Phoenix Comic Fest (along with Platinum Magic). We're excited to bring you new renditions of these great books. It's going to be a great Comic Fest this year as we are bring out all kinds of new reads for you to enjoy!

We are not going to have a pre-sale period on these, they will be live on the website and all other outlets the week of May 24th. You will also be able to pick them up at the Supernal Dawn release party May 23rd


GiuntaSkinner Supernal 150Supernal Dawn
J.A. Giunta & Sharon Skinner
May 23rd (Pre-Orders Open Now)
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This might just be the most anticipated book we'll have this year. As the first two Brick Cave Authors, Joe and Sharon previously collaborated on The Stories of Haven, and every show we go to, peope ask for more. Well, they decided to go to a completely new universe and bring us a new set of characters, and tie in that same writing style everyone loves.

Thieves Bowers
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Icydh Emma
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Glowgems Fate
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