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Brick Cave Media Performance Notes, April 2018

It's pretty rare that we share any of our financial performance data. Being privately held and let's be honest, super small, means that we are not a particularly big fish in any pond by any stretch. But today we thought we would share some data that we compiled as preliminary data- not because it's terribly earth shattering, but because it helps us get in the habit of measuring our performance over time. Having just concluded the first quarter of 2018, we thought we would share some trends compared to the first three months of 2017, and some of our thoughts on them. Sort of a mini analyst post if you will:

Our eBook Sales Were Up 5%

For us, this is a solid growth number. eBooks are steady at about 30% of our total sales, and have been the last 3 years. To us, this trend says our brand is drawing buyers outside of our core demographic.

Paperback Sales Were Up 29%

That is really a great number. That was driven by our sales to authors, which is up 74% from 2017. Our author base is getting out and selling their books.

Event Sales are Up 21%

More than anything, this number makes us ecstatic. Events are our core demographic, and the first quarter of 2017 was a very strong quarter for us. This lets us know our new titles are selling well, and our biggest event of the quarter, Tucson Festival of Books, was a huge event for us.

What Went Well?
Our new title, January's Platinum Magic, has been received VERY well, with 4.5-5 stars in reviews across the web. With our January renewed focus on the basics of SEO, our Unique visitor web traffic is up 71% from 2017. Back List titles for us (>5 years) are still very strong performers for us, accounting for 34% of our sales. There is alot to be excited about.

What Can We Do better?
We were not able to convert any additional books to audio books in the quarter. We are missing our on that diversified income stream. Our distribution channel sales were down, and since that had been an area we focused on in the first quarter, we have some concern there.

What's Coming Up?
Our largest event of the year is in May (Phoenix Comic Fest) and our 3rd Largest event is in April (LA Times Festival of Books). Both of these will benefit from the strong representation from our author base and effective title lineup.

With our May book releases (4 in total), 2018 will be the strongest front list lineup we have had since 2012. That's pretty exciting to us, and we think that will translate into a very strong rest of 2018.

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