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The Brick Cave 1095 Kickstarter

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30 days Only: March 1-March 30, 2017

Hello, and welcome to the 1095 Tour. 1095 represents 3 years, or 1,095 days. This campaign represents what Publisher Brick Cave Media would like to accomplish in the 3 years.

Simply put, we want to release a bunch of science fiction, fantasy and poetry books over the next 3 years, and we would like your help.

What We Have Done

Since 2010, we have been to over 100 different events of all sizes, published over 40 titles and put thousands of books into the hands of eager readers. This website is full of all the books we have published that you can buy today.

All while at every turn, we have fought the perceptions and stigmas of an industry resistant to change.

What We Want To Do

But that not what this Kickstarter is about, it's about the NEXT 3 YEARS. And we need your help to make them as HUGE as possible.

Your contribution helps us accomplish 4 goals over the next 3 years:
1. Helps us get 18 new titles from the likes of Sharon Skinner, J.A. Giunta, Scott Woods and all of our other authors formatted, edited, published and promoted.
2. Helps us get both these new books, and our existing catalog formatted and released as Audio Books (Approx. 36 books over the 3 years).
3. Helps us appear at 36 events that each would provide us the opportunity to sell thousands of books.
4. And Finally, with the first 3 goals accomplished, we hope to put over 10,000 books into the hands or ears of excited readers/listeners over the next 36 months


We are offering 13 seperate levels, ranging from $5 to $600. Some are very limited and give you special access to Brick Cave Authors and Staff. View them here, and start picking yours.

Add on Options

In addition to the Rewards Themselves, we have prepared 5 really fun add on options for you. We have them listed below. Add-ons are available at ANY level.

To take advantage of any or all of them:

  • Select the 'Manage your Pledge' Button.  If you have not pledged  yet it will say 'Back this Project'.
  • Increase your pledge in the Pledge Amount box by the total of the add-ons you want to add.
  • Do not change the tier you are currently pledged at.

Brick cave staff will reach out to you at the conclusion of the Campaign and verify your selections.

If the campaign is successful, all add on items will be fulfilled in June, 2017.

Get more Information: Facebook Event |  Kickstarter Page (March 1)
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