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Welcome to the profile pages for authors that publish through Brick Cave Media.

As our stable of authors grows, we will keep you connected to the new talents that have added their wrds to the chorus of Brick Cave Media. We believe strongly in the talent of the writers whom we publish, and we believe in allowing our readers to build lifelong fandom with those that create with us. 

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Within the profile page, Brick Cave Media will showcase links to the books that said Author has published with Brick Cave Media. This may not represent the Author's complete bibliography, and readers are encouraged to visit the Author's website for a complete bibliography of the Author's work.

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Brick Cave Media does not represent our Authors in a management capacity. Person's interested in booking an Author for a signing or event should link through to the Author's website, and contact them using the appropriate process.

Person's interested in asking Brick Cave to attend an event, be it staff or authors, are welcome to email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with their request.

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Bill Campana

Bill Campana is a 1955 model who has outlived his paint job and warranty, and writes poems just to prove it. He has three books of poetry out with Brick Cave Media: Said Beauty to the Blues, The Ragtime of Modern Living and flotsam and gomorrah (parlour tricks and other mysteries). He has a high school diploma but has no idea where the hell it is.

Read more: Bill Campana

J.J.M. Czep

The cliche is real; the small town girl that moved to the big city and made her dreams come true. Czep’s childhood was filled with wandering through fields and marshlands in Central New York, but not a whole lot of real friends. Content to mold a world filled with imaginary companions, fantastical adventures, and magical spells, Czep took to writing down the stories in her overactive mind.

Read more: J.J.M. Czep

Bob Nelson

In 1994, Bob co-founded Anthology magazine with writer J.A. Giunta. The magazine would run for ten years and print a wide variety of up and coming poets and writers. Also in 1994, Bob started the Essenzaslam Poetry Slam, which ran 13 years. In 1999, Bob founded, a pioneer internet readio station focusing on spoken word programming. In 2001, writer Sharon Skinner and Bob founded Anthology, inc. as a 501c3 nonprofit organization.

Read more: Bob Nelson

Louise Robertson

Louise Robertson has earned degrees (BA Oberlin, MFA George Mason University), poetry publications (Pudding Magazine, Crack the Spine, Borderline – among others), and poetry awards (Mary Roberts Rinehart, Columbus Arts Festival Poetry Competition (twice) – among others). She has slammed at the regional and national level. Someone once said about her that, underneath it all, she is kind.

Read more: Louise Robertson

Bruce Davis

Bruce Davis is a Mesa AZ based general and trauma surgeon.

Read more: Bruce Davis

Scott Woods

Scott Woods is the author of We Over Here Now (2013, Brick Cave Books) and Urban Contemporary History Month (2016, Brick Cave Books)  and has published and edited work in a variety of publications. He has been featured multiple times in national press, including multiple appearances on National Public Radio.

Read more: Scott Woods

Colette Black

Author of our upcoming release, "Moon Shadows," Colette Black writes New Adult and Young Adult sci-fi and fantasy novels with kick-butt characters, lots of action, and always a touch of romance.

Read more: Colette Black

Sharon Skinner

Sharon Skinner holds a B.A. In English, an M.A. in Creative Writing and a Poetic License. She has worked as a landscaper, a cashier, a maid, a waitress, a communications specialist, a videographer, a technical writer, a project management consultant and a biomedical field service engineer and served aboard the USS Jason as one of the first women assigned to a US Navy ship.

Read more: Sharon Skinner

J.A. Giunta

Joe is an independent Fantasy author with numerous short stories and books published in both paperback and ebook. He has a B.A. in English from Arizona State and has worked in the IT industry for over 15 years. He now writes novels full-time at home.

He lives with his wife, Lori, and daughter, Ada Rose, in the perpetual summer that is central Arizona.

Read more: J.A. Giunta

The Klute

The Klute is Arizona's most recognizable voice in the slam poetry game. He has been a member of ten National Poetry Slam teams representing the city of Phoenix, 3 of those teams finishing in the top ten (ok, some of those teams actually represented Mesa, but when you say Mesa, people don't know what Mesa is).

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