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J.A. Giunta

Brick Cave Media Author J.A. Giunta

Joe is an independent Fantasy author with numerous short stories and books published in both paperback and ebook. He has a B.A. in English from Arizona State and has worked in the IT industry for over 15 years. He now writes novels full-time at home.

He lives with his wife, Lori, and daughter, Ada Rose, in the perpetual summer that is central Arizona.


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Available Books

 The last Incarnation by J.A. Giunta The mists of Faeron by J.A. Giunta Out of the Dark by J.A. Giunta

The Knights of Virtue by J.A. Giunta Summoned: Caught by the Tale by J.A. Giunta The Hive Shield by J.A. Giunta

Immortal Sherwood by J.A. Giunta The Hooded Man by J.A. Giunta

The Collected Poetry of J.A. Giunta I by J.A. Giunta The Collected Poetry of J.A. Giunta II by J.A. Giunta

Healers Barbitt
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Icydh Lljames
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Nelig Dawnv
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