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The Klute

Brick Cave Media Author The Klute

The Klute is Arizona's most recognizable voice in the slam poetry game. He has been a member of ten National Poetry Slam teams representing the city of Phoenix, 3 of those teams finishing in the top ten (ok, some of those teams actually represented Mesa, but when you say Mesa, people don't know what Mesa is).

In 2015, his first CD (Reading the Obituaries Over My Dead Body) and his first book (Klutopocrypha Vol. 1) were released by Brick Cave Books. Fellow Brick Cave author Bill Campana suggested the CD title, but he's not getting a dime in royalties.

A one-man psy-ops campaign bringing the system down from inside, Phoenix-area crackpot Jerome du Bois once said of The Klute: “You have one of the blackest hearts I’ve ever had the misfortune to glimpse.” Available for funerals and children's parties.

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 Klutocrypha, by The Klute

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Namingof Roberts
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