Tavara Tinker: LeTour de Paris

Tavara Tinker: LeTour de Paris by Bob Nelson and Sharon Skinner

by Bob Nelson & Sharon Skinner


Pages (Print Edition): eBook only
Format(s): eBook only
Genre: Science Fiction
Reading Level: Y/A, Crossover
ISBN-10: 1938190149
ISBN-13: 9781938190148

About The Book:

Tavara Tinker leads a double life. By day, a proper Victorian lady. By night, deep in the heart of industrial London, she maintains a research laboratory and a steam-powered factory where she creates the clothes and weapons for a new generation of adventurer.

Tavara and her quirky band of intrepid heroes visit Paris on a quest to obtain a rare fabric for a client, only to discover they’re not the only ones with an interest in it.

This first installment of the Chronicles of Tavara Tinker is a literary tour de force of drama, humor and excitement.

Nelson and Skinner weave together strong characters with powerful storytelling to create the world as it might have been in a Victorian Steampunk era.

Additional Series Information:

Series Title: Tavara Tinker
This is Book 1 of ?
Additional Books in Series:

Skinnelson TTS Cover 150

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