Welcome to the profile pages for authors that publish through Brick Cave Media.

As our stable of authors grows, we will keep you connected to the new talents that have added their words to the chorus of Brick Cave Media. We believe strongly in the talent of the writers whom we publish, and we believe in allowing our readers to build lifelong fandom with those that create with us.

Title Availability

Within the profile page, Brick Cave Media will showcase links to the books that said Author has published with Brick Cave Media. This may not represent the Author’s complete bibliography, and readers are encouraged to visit the Author’s website for a complete bibliography of the Author’s work.

Booking or Contacting Authors

Brick Cave Media does not represent our Authors in a management capacity. Person’s interested in booking an Author for a signing or event should link through to the Author’s website, and contact them using the appropriate process.

Person’s interested in asking Brick Cave to attend an event, be it staff or authors, are welcome to email corporate@brickcavemedia.ocm with their request.

Notes of Interest

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