2020 Brick Cave Holiday Discount and Sales Tracker

Brick Cave Media today announced that they will be tracking sales and free offerings of their books across the web with their BC Book Club Forums. The posts are available to everyone to see which locations on the web have discounts on various BC Titles.

Some of the offers are in association with Brick Cave Media, while some may be an offer from a retailer on their own.

You can access the forum post here: https://brkcv.com/BCDiscountTracker2020Holiday

The BC Book Club, a community forum, offers members the opportunity to participate in the Brick Cave story, communicate with Brick Cave authors and other readers about Brick Cave Books. With 3 tiers of membership, including a free tier, readers have many options to enjoy their experience with Brick Cave Media.

Offers, prices and availability are subject to change without notice from each participating retailer. BC Book Club members can post any offers they find as well in the thread.

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