Brick Cave Announces Project IndieBound

In time for the upcoming Independent Booksellers Day April 21, 2021, Brick Cave Media™ has launched Project IndieBound, intended to help readers that are interested in buying Brick Cave titles through their local book store do so as easily as possible.

“IndieBound does all the work,” shared Principal Support Executive Bob Nelson. “We just need to close the loop and help people get our book ordered direct from their local book store.”

The project includes a web directory of Brick Cave titles that are available through independent bookstores and utilizes the site’s geolocation feature to link the reader to their nearest store.

“If we can get a reader to as few clicks as possible to order the book from their favorite bookstore, that is our goal.” continued Bob. “Convenience is king, and we need to continue to tune that convenience to match other channels.”

Included in the effort is a social media campaign designed to draw attention to the availability of Brick Cave titles through IndieBound.

“All of our other channels remain intact, you can order a book direct from us, or through a number of other resellers. For us, if booksellers see our books coming in to their back rooms, that’s where you build credibility and brand awareness. When a booksellers sees your brand contributing to their bottom line, you get their attention.”

About Brick Cave Media

As one of the largest publishers of science fiction, fantasy and poetry in Arizona, Brick Cave Media™ offers books globally. Brick Cave Media published authors include Sharon Skinner, author of The Healer’s Legacy, Scott Woods, author of Urban Contemporary History Month and J.A. Giunta, author of The Ascension Trilogy. Brick Cave Media publishes across Science Fiction, Fantasy and Poetry genres. Brick Cave Media is headquartered in Mesa, AZ and can be contacted through their website at



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