Brick Cave Adds Mail Order Option for US & Canada Readers

[Mesa, AZ] Arizona Publisher Brick Cave Media announces availability for readers to order via a mail in order form. The new order form, available here, allows book buyers that choose to purchase books offline, but have not had the opportunity to see the publisher vend at an event.

Says Brick Cave Publisher Bob Nelson, “Our job is to make sure we are as flexible as possible for readers to order their favorite Brick Cave books. Without our normal event schedule where readers would buy from us in person, some of our readers asked if they could have alternate ways to order Brick Cave books. We wanted to make sure they had a way to order their favorite books in a way alternative to online.”

Available initially to readers in the United States and Canada, the new form simplifies shipping and tax calculation with one price inclusive of all fees and taxes. The new form allows readers to purchase via check or money order.

The form has been incorporated into the Brick Cave website, with a direct link to the PDF for visitors to print at home.

Expanding Availability

Brick Cave expects to expand that availability to additional countries in the coming months.

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