Brick Cave Announces “10k10Years” Milestone Celebration

Recently, Brick Cave Media achieved the organizational milestone of selling their 10,000th book as a publisher. 2020 also marks Brick Cave’s 10th year of publishing. In celebration of both of these events, Brick Cave Media today announced the “10K10Years” celebration and sale for the remainder of 2020.

Bob Nelson, Principal Support Executive for Brick Cave Media, shared “This is a pretty exciting moment for our publishing work. It’s exciting to see readers embrace our authors, their stories and the Brick Cave experience. It’s a challenging market for small presses right now, and we are very lucky to have the talent that has helped Brick Cave stand out in the market.”

The celebration kicks off with a special limited book sale on Monday, November 23 and running until December 31, or until Inventory runs out. The sale, called the “10K10Years Sale”, provides readers the chance to get any Brick Cave Paperback on the site for $10 apiece with free shipping exclusively through the website. No coupon or special code is required for the reader to purchase books at that price.

The celebration continues with a live event on Saturday, December 12, 6pm-8pm mountain Standard Time as Brick Cave Hosts a retrospective look back at the books that comprise those first 10 years of publishing and the authors that wrote them (Click Here to RSVP). Featuring Many of Brick Cave’s Authors, the 2 hour event will give viewers a chance to find out more about their favorite Brick Cave Books. With fun giveaways every 15 minutes for attendees that pre-register, the event is sure to be a great time for readers.

“We are excited to start the second year of our publishing journey with perhaps one of the strongest catalogs a small press can offer” continued Bob. “There is a universe of stories to tell and we are ready to share your next great read.”

About Brick Cave Media

Brick Cave Media is one of the largest publishers based in Arizona, offering books internationally. Brick Cave Media published authors include Sharon Skinner, author of The Healer’s Legacy, Scott Woods, author of Urban Contemporary History Month and J.A. Giunta, author of The Ascension Trilogy. Brick Cave Media publishes across Science Fiction, Fantasy and Poetry genres. Brick Cave Media is headquartered in Mesa, AZ and can be contacted through their website at

Sale Details

Sale starts 11/23/2020 and lasts until inventory is exhausted or 12/31/2020, whichever happens first. All books are shipped for no additional charge. Rain checks and back orders are not allowed. Price is exclusive of any other discounts and offers, Paperback editions only. United States customers only. Prices are only honored for online purchases through

Additional sale updates and special limited offers celebrating the 10k10year event will be posted in the BCBookClub, Brick Cave Media’s Community Portal.

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