Brick Cave Announces Its First Virtual Book Chat

Brick Cave this weekend announced the launch of a new series of Virtual Book Chats for members of the BC Book Club to engage with each other and talk about the latest releases of Brick Cave Books.

The BC Book Club Virtual Book Chat is the chance for Sapphire Dragon and Diamond Dragon Members of the BC Book Club to talk about their favorite Brick Cave Books with other readers.

Moderated by Brick Cave PSE Bob Nelson, this virtual meeting will do a deep dive into one of Brick Cave’s released titles.

“As we continue to develop our community portal and experience for BC Book Club Members, it was important for us to continue to foster that engagement and interaction that brings an expanded level of joy to reading,” states Bob Nelson, Brick Cave Principal Support Executive. “I’m excited to host some really fun discussions around the books that we publish.”

The BC Book Box

About 4 weeks prior to each virtual meeting, readers will receive the BC Book Box in the mail, containing everything they need for the virtual session, including:

  • A paperback copy of the book being discussed, signed by the BC Author of course.
  • A random Keurig cup, because everyone should have a nice drink while on the session.
  • A as-yet-undertmined extra item. Could be anything- might be useful or it might be getting re gifted at the holidays to the relative you only see at the holidays.


Readers must be a Sapphire Dragon or Diamond Dragon member of the BC Book Club in good standing by each announced deadline to get in the box line and receive the Virtual Event information for the next particular session. Sessions are virtual and interactive, with participants sharing their thoughts across some planned questions from the moderator as well as their own lines of discussion.

About Brick Cave Media

As one of the largest publishers of science fiction, fantasy and poetry in Arizona, Brick Cave Media™ offers books globally. Brick Cave Media published authors include Sharon Skinner, author of The Healer’s Legacy, Scott Woods, author of Urban Contemporary History Month and J.A. Giunta, author of The Ascension Trilogy. Brick Cave Media publishes across Science Fiction, Fantasy and Poetry genres. Brick Cave Media is headquartered in Mesa, AZ and can be contacted through their website at

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