Brick Cave Books 2019 Holiday Buying Guide

The Holidays (depending on your feelings) are already upon us. And we have launched a new Holiday Buying Guide, with new special products and exclusive discount bundle to make your literary holiday gift giving that much easier.

The special pricing options here are all available exclusively through the Brick Cave Store.

Mailing/Shipping Details: Orders placed 10/27-12/19 will be processed with free shipping.

Discounts: Discounts have been applied to virtually all books! Discounts will be valid October 27-December 18, 2019, or until the inventory of a title runs out. There are no back orders available for sales priced books- once they are gone, that’s it for the season!

Daily Twitter Codes: Follow up on Twitter? You should. Each day between November 1 and December 19 we will post a one use discount code to score you an extra $2, $3 or $4 off your order. The discount assigned will be random (you won’t know the amount until you apply it), and the code will ONLY be valid for one use. So the first customer that uses it will receive the discount. Discounts are in addition to sales prices. Discounts cannot result in any payout or negative cost scenario (although it could get you something for free).

The Email 8 Sale: Joined our email list? You should do that, too. 8 Times between November 1, 2019 and December 18, 2019, we will send an email to our Email List with one Brick Cave Title that we will offer for $8 flat. Email Subscribers will have 24 hours to respond that they would like to purchase the book. The $8 sale is exclusive of all other discounts and may not be combined with codes or other discounts.

And away we go…


The Healer's Legacy, by Sharon Skinner; Cover Art by XRIC[7] Thitipon DicruenThe Matriarch's Devise, by Sharon Skinner; Cover Art by XRIC[7] Thitipon Dicruen The Healer’s Trilogy (3 Books, Paperback Editions), Sharon Skinner- with the release of The Exile’s Gift, the trilogy is now complete, and you can own them all, signed by the author is one collection. Save 30% with discounts and free shipping.
The Mists of Faeron by J.A. GiuntaOut of the Dark, by J.A. Giunta The Ascension Trilogy (3 Books, Paperback Editions), J.A. Giunta- It’s the series that started it all, and now all three can be yours for a 30% discount together. Books are signed.
The Campana Trilogy (3 books, paperback Editions), Bill Campana- Bill’s first 3 books of poetry, Said Beauty to the Blues, The Ragtime of Modern Living and flotsam and gomorrah (parlour tricks and other mysteries) collected together for a 33% discount for the Holidays.

The 2019 New Titles

The Exile’s Gift by Sharon Skinner
Paperback, Signed by the Author
$15.99+ Free Shipping
Fantasy. 1st timers see trilogy above.
War Golem by J.A. Giunta
Paperback, Signed by the Author
$15.99+ Free Shipping
Fantasy. Stand alone novel. Lots of cursing. Seriously.
The Expirement Known as Rose Marie Hernandez Williamson by LJ Robertson
Paperback, Signed by the Author
$15.99+ Free Shipping
Science Fiction debut novel. Great as a crossover from YA.
Corporate Boiler Plate Vinegar by Patrick Hare
Paperback, Signed by the Author
$14.99+ Free Shipping
Poetry. Amazing. Sarcastic.
Moths… by Bill Campana
Paperback, Signed by the Author
$14.99+ Free Shipping
More Bill poetry. Equally awesome.






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