Brick Cave Media Announces New Specialized Site at

November 10, 2020


[Mesa, AZ] Brick Cave Media today announced the opening of their new site within Amazon for book shoppers to easily browse and purchase books by Arizona based authors such as Sharon Skinner, Bruce Davis and J.A. Giunta.

The new site, which can be reached at, allows readers to access Brick Cave’s entire catalog of books, in any format that they are available, including eBook, paperback, audio book and hard bound editions.

“Just in time for the Holidays, we wanted to reach a global marketplace for the amazing writers we represent, and our new Amazon store does just that.” shared Bob Nelson, Brick Cave Media’s Publisher and Principle Support Officer. “Because all of the fulfillment is managed through Amazon, everyone that uses Amazon normally will get the same streamlined order and fulfillment process.”

When asked how the effort compliments Brick Cave’s existing distribution, Bob stated “Anywhere that sells books can order Brick Cave titles, be it independent bookstores, large chains or any other retailer, we have worked hard to remove any barrier to a reader that wants a Brick Cave book to get one.“

About Brick Cave Media

Brick Cave Media is one of the largest publishers based in Arizona, offering books internationally. Brick Cave Media published authors include Sharon Skinner, author of The Healer’s Legacy, Scott Woods, author of Urban Contemporary History Month and J.A. Giunta, author of The Ascension Trilogy. Brick Cave Media publishes across Science Fiction, Fantasy and Poetry genres. Brick Cave Media is headquartered in Mesa, AZ and can be contacted through their website at

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