Brick Cave Media Announces the “Sarcasm Goes to Hell” Poetry Tour

The Sarcasm Goes to Hell Tour features three of Brick Cave’s edgy poets on tour together for the first time in… well… a long time. Starting May 10, the tour will feature appearances in cities across the southwestern United States and beyond.

Three Great Performers

Bill Campana, veteran of many a poetry slam and poorly prepared diner meal leads the trio of wordsmiths as they cross the country in venues to share their classic poems and new works to eager audiences. Bill has published 3 books with Brick Cave, flotsam and gomorrah (parlour tricks and other mysteries), The Ragtime of Modern Living and Said Beauty to the Blues. His newest title, if porchlights have moths then raincoats have fish, or pinhole photography, tunnel vision, and existential observations while peeking through keyholes, or ancient sumerian dating tips and gregorian cat calls, or abandoned by wolves only to be raised by plant life is due in 2019.

The Klute returns to the road after a fair absence as an accomplished performance poet and passionate advocate for ocean causes. His language loses none of his brilliant wit and he is ready to engage a whole new generation of poetry lovers.

Patrick Hare, having been unsuccessful at extinguishing the Sun, takes his quiver of poems on the road with his first full length book of poetry, Corporate Boiler Plate Vinegar.

The Tour in Print

Each poet will have books available for sale while on tour The tour has 3 dates announced as of this writing in Phoenix, Arizona, Albuquerque, New Mexico and Salt Lake City, Utah. Additional dates will be announce on the Brick Cave Calendar and they are confirmed. Show times vary by show, with ticket prices set by the hosting event.

Additional Booking Available

Organizers, hosts and others interested in book a show for this tour can contact Brick Cave Media by email,

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