Brick Cave Statement Regarding TFOB Cancellation & Future Events


Please be aware that we have been notified that the upcoming Tucson Festival of Books has been canceled by the organizers. You can read their complete statement online here.

This change has forced us to recognize the very real possibility that additional festivals on our 2020 schedule may be impacted by concerns and protective measures around preventing the spread of the Coronavirus, or COVID-19.

To be clear, as of this date, no additional events on our schedule have announced cancellations. At this time, we have every intention of attending every event we have registered for in 2020.

Our event schedule comprises at least 60-70% of our annual revenue, and the loss of that income is devastating. In recognizing this very real possibility that our 2020 event schedule could be essentially nullified by continued cancellations, we have put together a plan of action and a suggested list of ways for you to continue to support Brick Cave in the coming months.
First, we have accelerated a program that we have had in beta-testing for a few weeks called the BC Book Club. We announced in early March the conclusion of our existing Patreon effort and intention of replacing it with a new social platform for those that love Brick Cave Books and Authors. This membership based site will give us a critical connection to you, our readers, in a way that our email list and existing website cannot. Joining is easy, and you have different membership levels to choose from.
Effective as soon as we can reset pricing today, and for the remainder of 2020, we will adopt our Appearance Pricing Structure across the online store. Additionally, we will offer Free Shipping on all orders until 12/31/20. We will announce the details of that in a separate post.

BCBookClub Meet & Greet(s)
Formerly Brick Cave Meet & Greets, we will plan a series of smaller scale “Meet the Author” through the remainder of the year once the concern has abated. Information on those will be available in the BC Book Club Forums.
Another project that was close to fruition that we will now be launching is the site. There are a tremendous number of opportunities coming to us here in Mesa Arizona around media creation and advancing the amazing storytelling of our Authors. The pitch site is intended to share those opportunities and educate potential supporters and investors on how they can help us reach those goals.

Additional Ways You Can Help
There are a number of ways you can support Brick Cave, our Authors or any other book creator out there, including:

  • Join our email list
  • Take time, twice a week, and review a book on a sales site
  • Follow us on any or all of our Social Media
    Fb | Twtr | Lin  |  YouTube  |  IG
  • Pick your favorite Author (Brick Cave or otherwise) and connect with their social community
  • Gift a book to someone, encourage others to read more

We are, as always, excited for the prospects of what Brick Cave Media can achieve, and we believe that we have the talent and the catalog to whether this challenge. Thank you for being a Brick Cave Reader, and we are looking forward to getting you many more books to read in the future. We will post additional information in the Forums as we learn more.

Bob Nelson
Principle Support Executive
Brick Cave Media, LLC.

PS. for more information regarding COVID-19:

Workplace Tips for Employees
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention


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