The BC Book Club presents the National Poetry Month Sweet 16 Tournament

It’s National Poetry Month, and we are challenging you to write us some poetry.

Starting April 2, each day, we will post 3 words (thanks to to the Brick Cave Books and Authors Fan Group in Facebook, and would be wordsmiths can post up to a 10 line poem that incorporates all three random words. Next day, 3 new words and you can write a new poem. This happens daily until April 21.

But wait, there’s more…

Here’s the deal- Brick Cave will have secret agents scouring the entries and looking for the 16 best poems in the batch. That sweet 16 will enter the BC Book Club Forums where, starting on April 26, BC Book Club Members will pick from head to head poetry matches.

Sixteen will become eight, eight will become four, then two, then finally one will be declared the BC Book Club National Poetry Month Sweet 16 Champion (there may be confetti and a ridiculous trophy involved) on April 30th.

Joining the BC Book Club to cast your votes is free, and you can do that at:

There might also be FREE COPIES of poetry books from Brick Cave authors (Unlimited Value), and a FREE YEAR of Investor Level Forum Membership (a $120 value) in it for prizes.

Promote the event using the hash tags #Sweet16Poetry, #BrickCave and #BCPoetry

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