The Summer 2019 Brick Cave Great 8(.99) Sale…

Brick Cave Media is announcing the Summer 2019 Great 8(.99) Sale beginning Tuesday, July 16, 2019 and giving readers the opportunity to pick up some of the best Brick Cave Paperbacks at $8.99 during the sale.

The Nelig Stones, by Sharon SkinnerThe sale puts a different Brick Cave book at $8.99 each 3 days of the sale period, beginnning Tuesday, July 15th, with The Nelig Stones, by Sharon Skinner. From 7/16-7/18, buyers will be able to get a copy of the title for $8.99, and on 7/19, a different title will be offered at the price. The sale will continue to rotate new titles until Augist 20, 2019, for 12 books total.

Each new book on sale will be announced via the Brick Cave Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts, and readers are encouraged to share the posts to spread the word. Hash Tags #BickCave899, #BrickCaveBookSale and #BrickCaveSummerSale will be used to tag the posts to easy reference.

Shipping is free for the Brick Cave Store, including on sale titles.

Sales price lasts until inventory is depleted, or until time period expires.

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