Brick Cave Review Recap: February 2021

We are a little behind on the Review Recap, so we will start afresh with recent reviews across the web of Brick Cave Titles. Check out the books, enjoy the reviews and get reading!

GlowGems for Profit, by Bruce C Davis Glowgems for Profit by Bruce Davis
Reviewed on Amazon 5 Stars
“That’s the next thing you should know: these are great heroes. Davis has  created a fantastic hard-boiled sci-fi hero in Zack Mbele. He’s got a complicated past, remarkable abilities, good friends for whom he has fierce loyalty, a deep cynicism and an inability to trust strangers, and a lone wolf streak a mile wide: he’s Sam Spade and Harry Dresden and Simon Green’s John Taylor and all the rest of those kinds of guys. But he’s also thoroughly himself: I had no feeling at all that this was an imitation of any other author’s work; this world and this hero are entirely original.”
Amazon  |  Brick Cave
The Last incarnation by J.A. Giunta The Last Incarnation
Reviewed on Amazon 5 stars
“A page turner extraordinaire from start to finish. One story, but so much history and intertwined stories within, yet they seamlessly fit without ever concealing me look back to find who was who or where this fit with that. “
Amazon  |  Brick Cave
The Healer's Legacy, by Sharon Skinner; Cover Art by XRIC[7] Thitipon Dicruen The Healer’s Legacy
Reviewed on Amazon 5 stars
“Excellent writing, great character development, animal partners and friends, wonderful escapism. Following the main character, a strong woman’s view point is refreshing.”
Amazon  |  Brick Cave
We Over Here Now
Reviewed on Amazon 5 stars
“The poetry you find in these pages is funny, moving, heart-wrenching, and ponderous. He is accessible. His poetry has broad appeal. If you haven’t had much experience with poetry, this is a wonderful book to start with. If you have read poetry for awhile, this is a wonderful book to add to your collection.”
Amazon  | 
Brick Cave
Tavara Tinker: The Sounds of Time
“Well written with excellent attention to the detail of the time period. Fast paced with plenty of excitement and suspense.”

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Reviews are critical to the ability of a book to be discovered. If you read it, review it. If you like it, share the book on your social channels

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