Brick Cave Review Recap: March 2021

Each month, we zip around the web and see what reviews are out there for our releases. We grab four or five and put them here, to share with you, with links to the source store and of course a link to the book here in our own store. You are welcome to pop in and leave a review of your own favorite Brick Cave title. The QUICKEST way to find your book and store is to use the eBook Directory.

Gold Magic
Reviewed on Amazon 5 Stars
“Bruce Davis, a fresh take on fantasy!
Good characters, relationships, and a fantasy world that is not so wildly different than our own. Bruce sets a good pace throughout the series. I can’t wait for the next one)!”
Amazon | Brick Cave
Prince and Little Weird Black Boy Gods
Reviewed on Amazon 5 Stars
“This was a very well-written book by a gentleman who was obviously inspired, at least in part, by Prince’s genius. With regards to Prince’s immense talent and his approaches to entertainment, philanthropy, business, interpersonal relationships, etc.—- those of us who admired and emulated him can all recall peaks, plateaus, and valleys in his life (as well as within our own). It was nice to read a coherent, intelligent, and humorous treatise that identified some of those times, but with due respect.”
Amazon (eBook Paperback) | Brick Cave
Platinum Magic, by Bruce Davis Platinum Magic
Reviewed on Google Play Books 5 Stars
“The love child of Lord of the Rings and Serpico. Great read, one of the few I’ve not wanted to put down throughout my day. Look forward to his future books.”
Google Play Books | Brick Cave
The Last incarnation by J.A. Giunta The Last Incarnation
Reviewed on Kobo 5 Stars
“Nice book good read really enjoyed it. When is the third book out?” ed note- it is.
Kobo | Brick Cave

Why Reviews are Important

Reviews are critical to the ability of a book to be discovered. If you read it, review it. If you like it, share the book on your social channels

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