Joining the Brick Cave ARC Legion

The value of Reviews for Publishers and Authors is undeniable. The industry, and especially it’s digital sales infrastructure, is predicated on the use of reviews as a means of determining interest in a book.

The ARC (Advanced Reader Copy) Legion is a Brick Cave Program designed to help reviewers know about, receive and post their reviews of Brick Cave Books.

ARC Legion Values

Participants in the ARC Legion are active reviewers, and as such, the program hold these core values:

  • Reviews are impartial and honest. In creating a program to encourage reviews, Brick Cave encourages honest, thoughtful reviews that share insight with the reader. Not all reviews will be glowing, and that is OK.
  • Reviews avoid spoilers. It is important that reviews provide insight and analysis and do not just dump the plot of a book with some color commentary.
  • Reviewers are consistent. The goal of the program is to generate honest, active reviews for Brick Cave Books. Reviewers continue to be eligeble for the program based on their participation, as noted below.

How to Join

Reviewers register for the ARC Legion using the form below.

Reviewers also receive a special login to the BC Book Club website, where they will indicate their interest in receiving books to review, can post their reviews and discuss the books with other readers.

Reviewers will then receive a special edition of the BC Dispatch email when a new book is available.

Unless otherwise noted, ARCs issued through the program are paperback copies of the book. We will however, issue eBook and audiobook codes as projects allow. ARCs are issued at no cost to the reviewer, and the reviewer may keep the book issued.

Remaining Eligible

Reviewers remain eligible for the program by posting reviews. Brick Cave tracks this activity through a point system, outlined below:

On Joining, Reviews start with two points. Each time a reviewer requests a book, they deduct one point from their total. Each review they generate, they add one point to their total.

Each year, on 12/31, reviewers with a total point level above zero are automatically re-eligible for the following year. Reviewers with a negative point total are removed from the program for 6 months, and may re-enroll after June 30 of the following year.

Adding Additional Points

Reviewers can add additional points to their total a number of ways, including:

  • Purchasing a book to review through the BC Book Club Store. This adds 1 point.
  • Post reviews in multiple places. The review created by a Reviewer awards the Reviewer 1 point when it is posted in the ARC Legion Forum in the website AND in any one of the “official” review sites below. If the Reviewer posts the review to other sites from the list below, they will receive 1 ADDITIONAL point for each 3 additional sites they choose to post to, up to 2 additional points,
    • Amazon
    • Barnes and Noble
    • Google Play
    • Apple Books
    • Kobo
    • Smashwords
    • Goodreads
    • Reviewer’s Website (site must be book review focused, not Social Media)
  • Social Media Post/Tags. The reviewer will earn an extra point for any 3 social media platforms that contain tags (links) to the Brick Cave presence on that platform, including:
    • Twitter
    • Facebook
    • Instagram
    • LinkedIn
    • YouTube
    • Ello
    • MeWe


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