Kickstater Add-On Items Limited Time Jump-In

With the successful conclusion of the Brick Cave “Kickstarter, Dial it to 11”, we wanted ti give everyone ONE last opportunity to take advantage of the add-on items that we had in the campaign.

There are some items, namely the paperback versions of the BCFF Anthology and the Kickstarter Exclusive Stories that we opted not to make available. There are also a couple of add-ons, the Headphones and Charger/Speaker, that currently are not available from the vendor due to being sold out, so there was no sense in making even more people wait for those to come in.

The Posters, Throw Blanket and Writer’s kit will ONLY be available until Sunday, 7/26/20, after which we will no longer offer them.

The Bags of Holding and the coffee mug will be sticking around as regular offerings- the Bag of Holding is the bag we take on tour so we keep them in stock for that purpose, and we should have been offering a coffee mug all along, so it was gracious of the Kickstarter to motivate the team to get it added,

You can access the items available here until Sunday, July 26:

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