October 2020 News and Updates

Good Morning, All-

PSE Bob here. Just wanted to send a September Wrap Up and some October Announcements to you on this fine Saturday.

All is well in Brick Cave. Things are moving along nicely and there are a lot of things “in the fire” as it were.

Great September

We decided to be a little more aggressive in Marketing in September and it paid off very well. We had a record September for overall Book Sales, a record September for eBook Sales, and we were very encouraged by the translation of a single sale to multiple sales when it came to the series- let’s be real, we know they are well written books, it’s just nice to see it manifested in sales.

The Pitch is Live

So the site for our Crowdfunding Investor effort is Live at BrickCavePitch.com, and you can read the most recent blog post with important details about it here. It’s important to note that this is MUCH different than our recent Kickstarter (which I’ll touch on below).

Trimming out some Social Media

So we had over 400 social media touches across 30+ Social Media locations over the course of the month- that is probably a little excessive :). By the end of the year, we will cut out the ones that just are not developing an ROI as we had hoped. Many are less “social” and more “notification” in nature, so you’ll see posts continue on those.

But, look for 2021 to start to zero in more on our own BC Book Club site. There are alot of Upgrades in the works for it as we close out 2020, and that will empower us to really build some great relationships with readers and others in the new year. I will say, if you are one of the 25 peeps that follows us on MeWe, sorry it hasn’t worked out, we kinda liked the platform. And is you follow us on Ello, do not worry, we LOVE Ello.co even if nobody follows us there, it is still a creator’s haven to explore for inspiration- we’ll stay there til they kick us out.

Kickstarter (and new Product Formats)

I am putting these two things together because the Kickstarter drove the development of both Audio Books and Hard Bound Editions for us this summer.

The Kickstarter was a great success, so much so that while we hit goal to produce one audio book, our backers empowered us to squeeze two into production! So, the first one, The Healer’s Legacy, is recorded- the voice talent is the amazing Bree Welch (which will be a separate post for later). We are listening to the final files this weekend to make sure we are good to go for launch.

But we ALSO got Platinum Magic by Bruce Davis out for Auditions, and he is down to his final sections on a voice talent for that. So that will be VERY exciting.

But wait… there’s more! Both Platinum and Healer’s have Hard Bound editions available for sale, and they have been received VERY well. We would like to encourage everyone to viosit their FAVORITE locally owned bookstore and order a copy today. More Hard Bound Editions are coming, so stay tuned to our email newsletter and/or the BC Book Club for more details.

I actually have a TON more news on the status of upcoming manuscripts, but I will save that for a post for next week… right here, at brickcavemedia.com

Thank you for being a Brick Caver!


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