Requesting Review Copies and ARCs from Brick Cave Media

Brick Cave Media makes it easy for reviewers to request copies of Brick Cave Books or Advance reader Copies (ARCS).

Brick Cave has a request form for reviewers to request copies of books in our catalog. After reviewing the application for existing reviews and checking for availability of the title requested, Brick Cave will determine eligibility of the request.

Brick Cave also maintains a special designation, the ARC Legion, for reviewers interested in receiving notifications of upcoming titles. ARC Legion members receive notification of new titles in advance to request review copies.

ARC Legion members also have access to the BC Book Club to interact with the great Brick Cave community.

Brick Cave does not determine eligibility of either request based on the positive or negative sentiment of reviews provided. Interested people that would like more information are welcome to ask additional questions in the BC Book Club Forums.

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