The Warden’s Legacy, from J.A. Giunta Releases February 28

Brick Cave Media announces the release date for the upcoming J.A. Giunta fantasy novel The Warden’s Legacy as February 28, 2021. Also announced is a series of celebration events, giveaways and other opportunities for reders to engage with the author leading up to the day. (Pre-Order Here)

About the book

For centuries, dragons fought to rule all. Driven by rage, corrupted by darkness, they were a scourge of fire and fury that would not abate. Only humans stood in their way, a brave few in each generation born with magic. Wardens, as they were called, used their power to shield others and fight back the dragon menace. But the dragons were cunning and used guile to destroy their enemy from within.

When the Wardens fell, the world fell with them.

Without their protectors, humanity was hunted to the ends of Eralle and eventually to extinction. Cities burned beneath the onslaught, with every forest in between. Trees wilted into ash and did not grow back. Food became scarce, life even scarcer. Older dragons chose to hibernate, while the rest were forced to scavenge or turn on one another.

All had seemed lost, until a young dragon came upon a human egg, one fashioned of Warden magic. Inside the wooden shell was a promise of renewal, a helpless infant boy that could coax trees to grow by touch. He carried within him not only a chance at redemption for all dragons but the gift of hope that would become…

…the Warden’s legacy.

What’s happening?

Brick Cave has set up a special landing page to share details of the events as they unfold, and for readers to enter to win prizes and attend live virtual events around the launch:

Highlights include:

At the BC Book Club, each week we will post a trivia question related to J.A. Giunta’s books that members can chime in on and answer. Additionally, on the “Magic Day”, Joe will host an Ask Me Anything in the Forums.

Over at the BC Podcast, host Bob Nelson has Joe on the live show as his guest February 18 to talk about the book and the story behind it.

At the Brick Cave YouTube Channel, there will be live giveaways each Sunday between now and launch.

Join in the Fun

The landing page has the entry form to get in the drawing for the giveaways and get updates on the events, so head on over there and make sure you are on the list and don’t miss out!

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