Launched in 2019, the Brick Cave Film festival is an celebration of the wide range of writing talents of Brick Cave Media’s authors matched with the unprecedented talent pool of filmmakers worldwide.

The Film Festival Event

The event celebrating the finalists and winners of the BCFF will be held October 26, 2019 at the historic Nile Theater in Downtown Mesa, AZ. The event will also feature panels and presentations by Filmmakers at the OneohOne Gallery located immediately next door to the Theater.

How to Enter the Film Festival

Beginning March 1, 2019, the BCFF will post a series of stories by Brick Cave Authors. Coordination of the Festival submissions will be done through the Festival Aggregator website (We will link to the Festival Profile Once the event is live).

Filmmakers will be able to create a 3-10 minute film based on one of the stories. Intentionally meant to be open to interpretation, the stories are not scripts, but short stories intended to spur short film ideas.

The deadline to submit films for consideration will be July 31, 2019. Finalist Filmmakers will be notified in advance of the event and invited to submit a panel suggestion for the side panel sessions.

The Festival will have no submission fee for filmmakers.

Complete Guidelines and entry information will be available on the Festival Profile page.

Be A Sponsor

A number of opportunities exist for businesses and individuals to be sponsors of the festival and promote their business, including:

  • Sponsor an Award
  • Add an item to Finalist or Attendee Bags
  • Display your business with a banner
  • Have an ad in the program
  • And more- just CLICK HERE to see the options and sponsor today!


Films will be honored in the following categories:

Overall Film of BCFF, deemed the single best submission of all submissions. $250 Prize
Brick Cave Film Award for each Category (Story)- $250 Prize
BCFF Festival Audience Choice for each Category (Story)- $100 Prize
BCFF Most Creative Interpretation Award- $50

Additional Prizes

All Films that are deemed finalists, regardless of final award disposition, will receive a revenue sharing portion of the Brick Cave Patreon during an exclusivity period immediately following the festival.

Additional Information

To stay aware of events around the organizing of the 2019 Brick Cave Media Film Festival, make sure that you: