More than a coupon. You’re gateway to sharing Brick Cave Media.

Brick Cave Guerdons (BCGs) are a new program created by Brick Cave Media to help new readers discover the books and products Brick Cave Media has available.

What Are They?

Each Guerdon is a code. Each code is unique. Depending on the code, you will receive $1, $5, $10 or $20 off a purchase either in the Brick Cave Media Online Store or in person at any of the appearances Brick Cave Media vends at.

How do I get them?

  • Every purchase made from Brick Cave directly in 2020 will have BCGs included for future use.
  • You can also give them as gifts, and can purchase them online in the Brick Cave Store.
  • Each month, our Patrons will receive digital BCGs they can use or give away. The larger the Patron, the more “gifts” they can give.
  • We’ll drop them around as well, because well, they look kinda cool :).

Can I share them?

Yes, that’s part of the fun… find an unused Brick Cave Guerdon Code and share it with a new readers. Attendees at our events will receive codes they can share, and our Patrons receive new codes each month as well.

How do I use them?

Online- Add the item(s) to the cart that you would like to purchase, then check out. During checkout, you will be asked for any promotional code you may have. Enter the BCG code in that space. If the code is valid, the order will be reduced by the value of the BCG.

In Person- Present the BCG to Brick Cave staff at the time of purchase. The code will be verified and your order discounted by the value of the code.

About Guerdons

  • BCG codes may not be combined with each other, or other discounts offered on the site.
  • Each BCG code is valid for one use only.
  • BCG discounts are not refunded should an item be returned.
  • BCG codes have no expiration date while Brick Cave Media LLC. is in business. Should Brick Cave Media LLC. go out of business, all BCG codes will become null and void.
  • BCG codes are only valid is used online at Brick Cave Media’s official online store, or in person when presented to Brick Cave Media as an official vendor for a particular event. Third parties are under no obligation to accept BCG Codes, and Brick Cave Media LLC. makes no warranty or promise to refund third parties for acceptance of Brick Cave Guerdon Codes.
  • Discounts provided by Guerdon codes CANNOT result in cash back. If the Guerdon code results in a zero balance, the purchaser receives the order in question at no cost- the Code is considered expended at that point.