Welcome to the Consolidated Brick Cave Submission Form (BCSF). The purpose of this form is to facilitate the submission of work for several key Brick Cave Programs, including:

  • Brick Cave Manuscript Consideration
  • Brick Cave Fictioneers @ the BC Book Club
  • The Box segment of the Brick Cave Podcast
  • The First Words segment of the Brick Cave Podcast

As each segment contains unique submission guidelines, and formats for guidelines, it is strongly recommended that you review those requirements prior to submission.

  • Submissions outside of this form process will not be considered.
  • Universally, Brick Cave will not be able to review submissions that fail to meet the submission requirements of the program in question.
  • Brick Cave will add submitters to their Brick Cave eMail List. Subscribers are free to unsubscribe at their leisure without impacting the status of their submission for any program.