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Black Friday 2018

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  1. The Truth About Good Sex In Fiction: It Exists

    Women and queer people have been successfully figuring out how to write lingerie-meltingly hot erotica for years, and it’s hiding in plain sight.
  2. J.K. Rowling Turns Donald Trump's Latest Twitter Rant Into Taunting Character Study

    The Harry Potter author joked about preserving Trump's tweets as "an amazing resource for a writer."
  3. The Best Fiction Of 2018

    The literature that brought dapples of joy and magic to an otherwise depressing year.
  4. 9 Of The Most Exquisite Maps The World Has Ever Seen

    And some are worth millions of dollars.
  5. These Three Women Are Changing The Way We Think About Education

    Their unconventional and holistic approaches to learning are impacting entire families for the better.
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