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The story of Brick Cave Media truely begins with Audio.

In 2006, we started this amazing journey by taking on an amazing project, the Bill Campana 3 Compact Disc box set The Hit List (Amazon 1, 2, 3  |  iTunes 1, 2, 3). Since then we have tinkered with Podcasting and other audio forms, but have always come back to the album.

A Big Part of Brick Cave

Once we released that set, we soon obtained the right to release several other spoken word albums. From 2006, to 2012, Audio was the single largest part of our business.

Today, it's still very important to us, especially as it relates to audio books, and we continue to seek new partners to record and release new albums.

Take some time and explore our album selection and enjoy a rich history of recordings.

A Note on Audio Books

Our audio book selections are integrated into the publishing section of the site, so if you see a book that you like, if audio is available, the store lineup to the right of the book profile will include any audio availability.

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Thieves Bowers
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Namingof Ruel
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