Corporate Boiler Plate Vinegar by Patrick Hare

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SBN-13: 9781938190537
Genre: Poetry
Format(s): Paperback
Pages (Print Edition): 147


Corporate Boiler Plate Vinegar is the definitive Patrick Hare book of poetry. 107 Poems that peek into the mind of Patrick from across his career. Including titles such as Hesitation is in Order, Fiendish Communion, and The World’s Most Boring Gunfight. With a forward by Bill Campana.

A performance poet for more than twenty years, Patrick Hare has always redefined the ability of poetry to be a weapon of humor, using a sardonic scalpel in his language and theme choices to un-apologetically reveal the areas of our lives we’d all rather not see.

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Dimensions 9 × 6 × .25 in