flotsam and gomorrah (parlour tricks and other mysteries) by Bill Campana

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ISBN-13: 9781938190414
Genre: Poetry
Format(s): Paperback
Pages (Print Edition): 152


Always the wizard with words, Bill Campana releases his 4th book of poetry filled with observations of the folly of man, Haiku sharp enough for a sewing machine and the first ever released collection of Deviant Words, which you’ll just have to read to believe.


poem with commentary

today will arrive
in alabaster porcelain
to wed a room full
of gloss red virtuous
female forms.

tomorrow winged
angelic toddlers
will enter through
open windows to
hover in the rafters.

the numbers aren’t in yet
but i’m going to guess
that half the people
raised by other people
are twice as dangerous
as those raised by wolves.


Misc Haiku

silver moon, the ink
of night has stained you,
and the clocks have all gone home

the electric chair
has taken a back seat
to lethal injections

be careful, children
that pinata may contain

About Bill Campana

Never shy in sharing a sharp comment or witty retort, Bill Campana’s Poetry is al all times keen to the world around him. No subject is off limits and no Haiku is too big for his stage.

“i just decorated the inside of my face mask with a smile, but it was a fake smile. my reputation remains intact.”- Bill Bampana