In Case You Didn’t Hear Me the First Time by Sharon Skinner

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Pages (Print Edition): 74
Format(s): eBook, Paperback
Genre: Poetry
ISBN-10: 1-938190-22-X
ISBN-13: 978-1-938190-22-3


A tremendous collection of award winning poetry and prose from Sharon Skinner. In it, she relays stories about traveling in the Indian Ocean in the Navy, tremendous heart felt poetry, and her observations about the world around her.

This book is sure to give you a tremendous read, not to mention introduce you to this amazing, award winning author.

Sample Work


My ancestors were pagans
Gaelic warriors who faced battle
Naked but for the blue woad
staining their skin
They prayed to animal gods
To the sun and the moon
Trees and the great mother
The triple goddess walked among them
Priests and druids taught
the secrets of life
And sacrifice
Sword and dagger
Plaid and steel
Clan and tribe
My ancestors valued honor
Bravery, courage and loyalty
They paid their debts with sweat,
Blood and gold
Swore fealty and were steadfast
Gifted and dauntless
They have given me a legacy
The need to be more
A desire that lives in my heart
And is seldom quiet


With its playfully cynical title, Sharon Skinner’s little treasure of poetry and prose deserves attention.”- LLJames

Sharon Skinner does an amazing job describing the events in her life through poetry.
I found the book refreshing and encouraging.
“- Emma

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