The Ragtime of Modern Living by Bill Campana

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Pages (Print Edition): 114
Format(s): Paperback
Genre: Poetry
ISBN-10: 1938190262
ISBN-13: 978-1938190261


Bill Campana continues tearing up convention with his second collection of thought provoking verse. Following Said Beauty to the Blues, The Ragtime of Mordern Living is peppered with Bill’s performance poetry and seasoned with his aggressive unapologetic style.


the ragtime of modern living

hyperbole pushes pathos
in front of a moving bus
resulting in onomatopoeia

toupees gather curbside
to mock the roadkill…
taps is played on car horns

a cloned bull gores
a genetic engineer while
he is holding a petri dish

i saw a man wearing a bear suit
i laughed until he was
shot to death by a sportsman

i saw a poorly drawn
chalk outline of planet earth…
never again will i go into space

the glass is half full
of poison…i’m afraid
i’m not a very good optimist

what about yourself
are you as large as life?

can you locate humanity
on a map of clear cellophane?
are there treasures under the Xs?

do you feel like moses
when you part the curtains
and walk your vision
through the sea of thin glass?

are there lifeboats in your teardrops
paddling frantically from the
blood source of rage?

can the message in your bottle
be answered by the tiny piece
of paper inside your cookie?

am i asking too many questions?

Misc. Haiku

your love sifts through my
fingers like the sands of time
or a fake rolex

god bless atheists
who have their theology
down to a science

About Bill Campana
“ordered a pizza the other night. they gave me 35 packets of crushed red pepper. If it were plutonium I’d have enough to vaporize south scottsdale.”- Bill Campana

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