Thieves Profit by Bruce Davis


Pages (Print Edition): 252
Format(s): Paperback
Genre: Science Fiction
Reading Level: Y/A, Crossover
ISBN-13: 9781938190445

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Zack Mbele has a problem. The Profit is in hock for repair costs and Kwai Chang Wu, a mobster, has bought the bank that holds the note. Either he does a job for Wu, or he’ll lose his ship.

Just to make matters worse, someone is after his friend, Rabbit, and the Dragons, another mob, are involved somehow. And if that wasn’t enough, Duce’s friends are being hurt as well; and Cleo, his ex-wife and half owner of the Profit, is up to something and he can’t figure out what.

Who is the sinister, tall man and what’s his role in all of this?

The body count keeps mounting as Zack tries to solve the puzzles while staying alive.

Another exciting installment in the popular Profit Logbook series.

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