Supporting Independent Booksellers is a critical tool in building strong communities. There are thousands of community based book store across the country and beyond.

We’re In.

If you would like to support both small publishers (read: us) and independent booksellers, there is an answer. IndieBound, the marketing movement of the American Booksellers Association, has a very easy and useful tool to help us both.

Listed below are Brick Cave titles that are available to our local book selling partners. Click the link for the title that you’re interested in, and it will open the IB page for the book in a new window.

If you let the IndieBound site know your location, then a list of the nearest book store ABA members will populate for you to check- and WHALA! Click the link for your store, place the orderĀ  directly with that store, and you are fantastic.

Thanks for your support of us, and your local bookseller.

*Not all authors, or books in Brick Cave’s Catalog are listed as some may be out of print or restricted availability. Format availability may vary by title as well, but we have found many bookstores will list alternate format (like eBook) availability through their store.

And Now, Your Book List

Campana, Bill

poems in the key of A-negative

Flotsam and Gomorrah: (Parlour Tricks and Other Mysteries)

Said Beauty To the Blues

Czep, J.J.M.


Davis, Bruce

Gold Magic

Platinum Magic

Thieves Profit

Glowgems for Profit

Giunta, J.A.

The Warden’s Legacy

War Golem

The Last Incarnation

The Mists of Faeron

Out of the Dark

Supernal Dawn

The Stories of Haven: I

Robertson, Louise

The Experiment Known as Rose Marie Hernandez Williamson

Skinner, Sharon

Return to Anoria

Collars and Curses

Mirabella and the Faded Phantom

The Healer’s Legacy

The Matriarch’s Devise

The Exile’s Gift

The Nelig Stones

In Case You Didn’t Hear Me the First Time

Supernal Dawn

The Stories of Haven: I

Woods, Scott

Prince and Little Weird Black Boy Gods

We Over Here Now: Poems by Scott Woods

Urban Contemporary History Month