Brick Cave Media is happy to send review copies to bloggers, vloggers and others that love to do book reviews. To receive notification for review copies of upcoming Brick Cave Releases, reviewers can join the Brick Cave ARC Legion to be notified of new books and request copies automatically.

To receive a copy of a catalogue (backlist) Brick Cave published book to review, you may submit your request using the form below.


Each request is reviewed individually based on the following criteria

  • Title Availability. If requesting a physical book, obviously, we have to have a copy to be able to send to you.
  • Noted review history. We review your review history both with Brick Cave books and other books.
  • Do not submit a promotion for a paid review service through this process.
  • Review copies are typically not signed by the author.
  • You may request more than one book, but not more than one copy of any book. Brick Cave reserves the right to limit requests.
  • Currently, only reviewers in the United States may request review copies.
  • If you are submitting for the first time, select one book. First time requests that have requested more than one book will receive the FIRST book in their request list (if approved).

Brick Cave reserves the right to choose not to send a review copy.

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    What Happens Next?

    Once submitted, we will respond to your request within 72 hours via email. If we elect to send the review copy, you will receive an estimated send date within that email. That email will also provide guidance on how to notify us when the review has been posted. If you would like to engage in additional ways, such as via an author interview, we will provide those instructions in the confirmation email.