Announcement Regarding the Brick Cave Film Festival

Hi all-

With a bit of a heavy heart, I am announcing that we have decided to cancel the upcoming Brick Cave Film Festival originally scheduled for this coming December.

Our hope was to galvanize a community of filmmakers by providing content from the stable of Brick Cave Writers. Each of three writers provided a story, myself, Sharon Skinner and J.A. Giunta. Each story was available for free (and still is) and we offered several cash prizes that we felt were in line with the array of festivals we researched in 2018 before announcing the event in March of this year.

While the stories have proven popular, our concept for the film festival did not, as we received no entries related to those stories. We suspect the combination of a tremendous competition among film festivals for content, coupled with the uniquely challenging content aspects of our offering made us less appealing overall in the arena. Simply put, filmmakers can make what they want and have plenty of options to submit it to. And that’s OK.

We’d like to thank the filmmakers that did submit content to us in the “Open” Category. We’d also like to thank all of the readers that took to the stories we published, it was fun competing against Joe and Sharon for the most downloads. Special thanks to Johnny Skinner and Kylie Cochrane for the work they put into promoting and organizing the festival. Special thanks as well to our festival sponsors, who continue to be wonderfully supportive of the work we do.

As for the future of our film aspirations, we are working on a new plan, involving the Mesa International Film Festival. We have a lot of work to do to in laying out our plan for that, so to stay in the know, please feel free to subscribe to our newsletter, follow our Facebook or Twitter, and check back in here at the site often.

Ok, that didn’t work so well- what else we got?

Bob Nelson
Brick Cave Media

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