Brick Cave Media 2020 Event Schedule

Today, we are announcing our 2020 event schedule. “*” Marked events are proposed and not finalized as of this writing, but will be added to the Calendar as they are finalized.

Important Changes

We had decided that the time had come to transition away from Comic Conventions. We the conclusion of Phoenix Fan Fusion 2019, we do not at this time have another comic convention on our schedule. It is possible that we could add a comic or pop culture convention in the future, we recognize at this time that there is not an advantage for us to have a presence at those events.

Our schedule reflects new literary opportunities in and around our home town of Mesa, AZ, as well as our re-introduction into markets that we feel will help us to build brand awareness among engaged reading populations.

While subject to change, this list should help you plan where you can find us in 2020.

*Desert Nights, Rising Stars February 22, 2020
Tucson Festival of Books March 14-15, 2020
LA Times festival of Books April 18-19, 2020
*Bay Area Book Festival May 2-3, 2020
Brick Cave Meet & Greet May 2020
Roadside Book festival 9/12/20
*Orange Country Children’s Book Festival 10/4/20
Mesa Book Festival 12/12/20

Stay Up to Date

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