Brick Cave Review Roundup: February 2019

The Review Roundup is our way of sharing the reviews of our titles that we find around the interwebs. Each month, if there are some reviews, we’ll share select quotes from some of the reviews we find here. We’ll include a link to the source listing as well as a link to the book in the Brick Cave Store (if available). On lighter months, we may throw in a review from the past that we have not yet shared with you.

Prince and Little Weird Black Boy Gods by Scott Woods
Reviewed on 5 Stars
This book of essays is a different brand of art, compiling literary essays of an academic-caliber in regards to one of the greatest popular musicians to come out of the 20th Century. I walked away with a keener understanding of the man and the legend. Highly recommend.See on Amazon | See on Brick Cave


Trolls by J.J.M. CzepTrolls by J.J.M. Czep
Reviewed on 5 Stars
“I sometimes wish that really good books that don’t have sequels really should, this is one of those books.See on Brick Cave



The Healer's Legacy, by Sharon Skinner; Cover Art by XRIC[7] Thitipon DicruenThe Healer’s Legacy by Sharon Skinner
Reviewed on 5 Stars
I kept trying to tell my cat about all my feelings for this book–giving her my plot guesses and ‘oh no!’ moments–but I’m not too sure she understood me as well as Kel and Kira understand one another.

I absolutely enjoyed the setting for this, and cannot wait to learn about what lies beyond the sea!
See on Brick Cave

Collars and Curses, by Sharon Skinner; Cover Art by Kyna TekCollars and Curses by Sharon Skinner
Reviewed on 3 Stars
“Interesting and funny, Collars & Curses, was a good read.” See on  |  See on Brick Cave



These are, of course just a sampling of the reviews you can enjoy regarding the books we publish. Like any writer or publisher, reviews are our lifeblood, so regardless of the platform, please consider leaving a review when you purchase a Brick Cave book.

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